Monday, September 1, 2008

Barney's HOW OLD????

Well, the way barney behaves, you'd think he was a little kid or something, like what-six? But then again, he's about the height of a thirty, or twenty year old, so maybe he's a bit older. But due to a recent peek on wikipedia, I found out that Barney...

IS TWO MILLION YEAR'S OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes sense, 'coz he's a dinosaur, but then again, shouldn't he be extinct?

A point I have prayed for to exist.

See, website-disliking-parents? Your kids shouldn't be watching some old grandpa. I mean, that's just creepy.

Have you got BARNITIS?

Call the navy! The airforce! The army! It's an epidemic.
My translation is that you won't like it. 

It HAS been found that if you watch too much "Barney and Friends", you will catch Barnitis.
Here are the stages;

1; You start feeling the urge to hug small, helpless children.
2; You find some green spots on your butt.
3; Your teeth start to merge into one white strip.
4; Your toenails turn yellow.
5; On a trip to the museum, you cry when you see the huge skeleton of a T-Rex.
6; You become Barney.

I'm sorry to tell you of this graphic transformation. Above you will find a picture of one of the victims of this disease.
Please, refrain from looking at him. Anyway, who'd want to?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Revenge is sweet! (And awesomely, not purple and green)

Rejoice, angry ones! Go to and click on one of the stories with a picture of Barney on it.
Hahahahaha! I am seeing what you are! A rage filled song with Barney as the bashing boy! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

My Evil Twin!

I was strolling through cyberspace one fine day when I spied this gem of a massacre of Barney. A particular website,, which obviously shares my malice for purple T-rexes. The above images are of destructed Barney images, which used to look lie the normal, unpunished Barney. So hop onto this great site, and destroy Barney, O minions!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Barney gets eaten

I bet Doctor Fun is right-Parents, do not let your children watch Barney for the billionth time!

Bonjour, Anti-Barneyists!

If you have bothered to read as far as this post, then you are probably another psycho with the same deranged dream as myself-Destroy Barney in the most inhumane way possible. 

Some people will agree, nod their heads, and pull their dust-covered Barney Destrucor 3000 rays out of the closet, but some will scratch their heads, and mutter, "Isn't Barney that cute little purple dinosaur?"

I have two messages for those people.

1; Where have you BEEN the past 20 years?


Please stay posted because I would be glad to show you around the misery that is Barney and Friends.