Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Revenge is sweet! (And awesomely, not purple and green)

Rejoice, angry ones! Go to www.booksie.com/AvvieJellyBean1213 and click on one of the stories with a picture of Barney on it.
Hahahahaha! I am seeing what you are! A rage filled song with Barney as the bashing boy! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

My Evil Twin!

I was strolling through cyberspace one fine day when I spied this gem of a massacre of Barney. A particular website, http://impressive.net/games/barney/fun.cgi, which obviously shares my malice for purple T-rexes. The above images are of destructed Barney images, which used to look lie the normal, unpunished Barney. So hop onto this great site, and destroy Barney, O minions!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Barney gets eaten

I bet Doctor Fun is right-Parents, do not let your children watch Barney for the billionth time!

Bonjour, Anti-Barneyists!

If you have bothered to read as far as this post, then you are probably another psycho with the same deranged dream as myself-Destroy Barney in the most inhumane way possible. 

Some people will agree, nod their heads, and pull their dust-covered Barney Destrucor 3000 rays out of the closet, but some will scratch their heads, and mutter, "Isn't Barney that cute little purple dinosaur?"

I have two messages for those people.

1; Where have you BEEN the past 20 years?


Please stay posted because I would be glad to show you around the misery that is Barney and Friends.