Monday, September 1, 2008

Have you got BARNITIS?

Call the navy! The airforce! The army! It's an epidemic.
My translation is that you won't like it. 

It HAS been found that if you watch too much "Barney and Friends", you will catch Barnitis.
Here are the stages;

1; You start feeling the urge to hug small, helpless children.
2; You find some green spots on your butt.
3; Your teeth start to merge into one white strip.
4; Your toenails turn yellow.
5; On a trip to the museum, you cry when you see the huge skeleton of a T-Rex.
6; You become Barney.

I'm sorry to tell you of this graphic transformation. Above you will find a picture of one of the victims of this disease.
Please, refrain from looking at him. Anyway, who'd want to?

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